Find out where we are

  • We have a pin on google maps - type in 'jelleylegs' Our postcode is HG43AY. Studley Roger is 2 miles from Ripon and about 10 from Harrogate
  • It is a small village with no pub!
  • But do not despair there are plenty of good pubs and restaurants in Ripon - it is a lovely walk on a pleasant evening or we will give you a lift in.
  • Our house is easy to find - the first one on the right as you enter the village from the B6265 - if you are lost my mobile is 07969260858
  • For Cyclists we are half way on the Way of the Roses route and 2 miles from the Tour de France route 

Go over the stile in our back garden and take the footpath across one field and you are in Studley Royal Deer Park ...you can run and do the Fountains Abbey Parkrun because we are only a mile from the entrance to Fountains Abbey.





For cyclists, we are on the Way of the Roses Coast to Coast route, or head north and you will soon be in the heart of the Dales. You can join the 2014 Tour de France route and challenge yourself on the Cotes de Grinton, Buttertubs and Kidstones 

"I change into running shorts and a light pair of running shoes...I feel transformed and free, like a caterpillar molting into a butterfly"

Bernd Heinrich Why We Run