Can I come to "Jelley Legs" even if I don't run or cycle?

Yes of course, there is a great walk to Fountains Abbey from our house. The nearest dale (Nidderdale) is only 20 minutes drive away. There is a good bus service to Harrogate or York. 

Do I have to bring bedding or towels? 

No all provided

Do I have to have my own transport?

Not at all. Trains to Thirsk and Harrogate...I can pick you up from either station.  Good bus service to Harrogate, York and Northallerton

Can I come on my own?

Yes, no problem. Some people will come with a couple of friends or with a partner, but if you want to come alone that is fine. If you bring a second person or third person you will get a discount

Can I bring my dog?

Yes you can, we love dogs

"all she is doing is running and if there is nothing on earth she would rather be doing"

Christopher McDougall Born to Run