About Us

The legs behind Jelley Legs

My name is Dave Jelley – hence the website name. But of course also a reference to how you may feel after walking, running or cycling over the hills and Dales!

I have lived in Studley Roger near Ripon North Yorkshire for 32 years. Throughout that time I have run, walked and cycled for thousands of miles on the footpaths and roads of the surrounding area.

I am a physiotherapist with a Masters degree in Rehabilitation.  I have plenty of knowledge about the aches and pains associated with running, cycling and walking.  

I have cycled in Europe, the USA, Indonesia and Australia and I ran marathons and ultra marathons for over 25 years.  I currently am unable to run due to a knee problem, for which I am awaiting surgery. So I have dusted off the bicycle and I am enjoying long road rides and cycle touring in Europe. But unfortunately it means no more guided running at the moment.

I love being out in the hills. I am happy to share some of the lessons that I have learnt doing long and difficult events and I will give my physiotherapy opinion about any of your aches and pains. 

Damaris and I look forward to meeting all our guests and we will try our best to be flexible and responsive to your needs.

"I run to breathe the fresh air. I run to explore. I run to escape the ordinary"

Dean Karnazes Ultramarathon Man