What We Offer

  • A relaxing homely place to switch off from work / life pressures
  • For Cyclists: Bed and Breakfast, vegetarian evening meals, cycle routes and local knowledge
  • Park Run tourists welcome! We are only 2 miles from England's most scenic Park Run around Fountains Abbey
  • B and B for Runners heading for races in the North (early breakfasts are no problem)
  • Guided Trail running especially for trail running novices

It is 9.00 am as we set off on our first spring running of the Mosaic Trail. The last time we ran the Trail, it was minus 3 and there was 4 inches of snow on the ground.  Today it is 16 degrees and the worst difficulties we encounter are new born lambs caught in wire fences.

The Trail crosses pasture land and then climbs gently onto Lumley Moor.  We enter Dallowgill and Breah, the spaniel, has a quick bathe.  The bluebells are just coming out in the old oak woodland and we allow ourselves a walk up through the trees. On the way back we enjoy the lovely down hill running in the warm sunshine. When we arrive back in the village, we realise it has taken us 3 hours to run 15 miles, so no records broken, but then we did liberate a few lambs along the way...

And so that is the concept of jelleylegs.....very simply to guide runners on fantastic running routes in beautiful countryside




Contact Jelley Legs by email: info@jelleylegs.co.uk or phone: 01765 603 506 - mobile: 07969 260 858

We don't do cooked breakfast, but you won't want any after muesli home made granola, fresh fruit and yogurt, followed by toast made from Damaris"s delicious home made bread and there is plenty of apple juice pressed from our own apples.

"I run to breathe the fresh air. I run to explore. I run to escape the ordinary"

Dean Karnazes Ultramarathon Man