In 2018, I've been concentrating on "beginner" trail runners. Runners who are new to trail running and want a gentle introduction with some advice and pointers re: kit, navigation, pacing etc. Please email me if you are interested but not sure if "jelleylegs" is the right guided running holiday for you.

Of course, we always welcome runners and cyclists who want to just come and stay in our accommodation. 

We are only 2 miles from the beautiful Fountains Abbey Park Run.  So come and stay Friday night, run the beautiful Fountains Abbey Park Run and then jog back here for a late breakfast.

 If you are heading north for some of the brilliant trail races in the Yorkshire Dales or North York Moors, book in for the week end.  I'm used to making porridge at 4am and you can book a massage for when you return. 

"you realise that your anxieties have slipped unnoticed from your shoulders. And you stride forward into the unknown with new hope in your heart"

Richard Askwith Feet in the Clouds