Runners:  In 2019, I will be concentrating on holidays for runners who have done very little running off road.  The holidays will include one or two guided trail runs and plenty of advice re: kit, navigation, pacing etc. If you are a fast and experienced trail runner, there are other running holidays out there which will suit you better.

Cyclists: in September the Cycling World Championships are based around Harrogate. ( 9 days of races). We are fully booked, but why not come up before and try some of the routes?

We are only 2 miles from the beautiful Fountains Abbey Park Run.  So come and stay Friday night, run to the Park Run and then jog back here for a late breakfast.

Update April 23rd : I am now completely full for 2019 for running holidays....sorry!!


"you realise that your anxieties have slipped unnoticed from your shoulders. And you stride forward into the unknown with new hope in your heart"

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