Can I come to "Jelley Legs" even if I don't run or cycle?

Yes of course, there is a great walk to Fountains Abbey from our house. The nearest dale (Nidderdale) is only 20 minutes drive away. There is a good bus service to Harrogate or York. 




Do I have to come at a week end?

Not at all. Please give me a ring or email me the dates you would like to come. 

Can I come on my own?

Yes, no problem. Some people will come with a couple of friends or with a partner, but if you want to come alone that is fine. If you bring a second person or third person you will get a discount

Can I bring my dog?

Yes you can, we love dogs

"I change into running shorts and a light pair of running shoes...I feel transformed and free, like a caterpillar molting into a butterfly"

Bernd Heinrich Why We Run