About Us

The legs behind Jelley Legs

My name is Dave Jelley – hence the website name. But of course also a reference to how you may feel after running 20 + miles over the hills and Dales!

I have lived in Studley Roger near Ripon North Yorkshire for 22 years. Throughout that time I have run 30 to 60 miles a week on the footpaths and bridleways of the surrounding area.

I am a physiotherapist with a Masters degree in Rehabilitation. I'm a member of Ripon Runners and as an obsessive runner myself, I have plenty of knowledge about runners' aches and pains.  So you may get some free advice about yours as we run together.

I have been running marathons and ultra marathons for over 13 years. Like many people my first long race was the London Marathon in the late nineties (2.55.56). Since then I began to run ultramarathons, starting with the Comrades Marathon and then multi day events including the Trans Aq, the Marathon de Sables and the Transalpine race. I returned to London this year to complete my 11th race and managed a PB  (2.55.24) and ran the first Wall run in under 12 hours (70 miles).

In 2011, I won my age category in the Runfurther ultramarathon series http://www.runfurther.com/ I have taken part in a number of ultra events organised by gobeyond http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/ and the tough 55 mile Hardmoors race across the North York Moors http://www.hardmoors110.org.uk/cms/

I am happy to share some of the lessons that I have learnt doing ultramarathons and I will give my physiotherapy opinion about any of your aches and pains. I love to run with other people, to be attentive to the natural landscape around us and to marvel at the beauty and variety of routes which are on my doorstep. Jelleylegs is not a competitive running break nor is it coaching session, it is for you to enjoy and maybe extend yourself beyond what you normally do. A chance to build more confidence in your ability to run further perhaps than you thought you could.

Damaris and I look forward to meeting all our guests and we will try our best to be flexible and responsive to your needs.

"As a boy he used to wonder whether he could run as far as the horizon, if he could reach it before the sun set"

Paul Rambali Barefoot Runner